[VAPORIZER PENS] Vapin Plus™ 1100 Liquid Vaporizer Kit

The Vapin Plus™ 1100 Liquid Vaporizer Pen Kit contains: 1100 mAh rechargeable battery 2.5ml Tank Atomizer (no wick) 2 BONUS Atomizers USB Charger

Vapin Plus™ 1100 Liquid Vaporizer Pen Kit
This pen has the same convenience features as the original Vapin Plus Liquid Vaporizer, but includes a longer lasting 1100 mAh rechargeable battery! The kit also includes 2 BONUS atomizers. The battery is push button activated with a recessed button to prevent accidental activation. The battery also includes a safety chip that prevents it from overcharging. Auto Turn Off (after holding button for 10 seconds, LED light flashes 8 times then the battery automatically shuts off). Battery Lock/Unlock Feature: (press button three times in 1.5 seconds, LED light will flash three times). Vapin Plus™ lights up on bottom of battery when in use.

First Time Use Note: After filling the tank with E-Liquid, screw atomizer back onto tank; screw tank atomizer back onto rechargeable battery. Allow the pen to sit upright for about 5-20 minutes. This allows the E-Liquid to absorb into the atomizer.


Cleaning is necessary to preserve the atomizer. Remove the atomizer housing from the tank. Turn the tank upside down and remove remaining product. Clean the atomizer using a cotton swab and hot water. Use an additional cotton swab to clean the tank. Do not overfill tank, apply small amounts of E-Juice. Always clean and empty tank after using to prevent the atomizer from clogging.

Note: The life expectancy of the atomizer is atomizer is 30 days and should not be used any longer than 2 months. Failure to continue proper usage and maintenance will result in shortened atomizer life expectancy.

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